15 July 2011

One good passport deserves another

Everyone should have a passport, and soon enough, judging by the growing international popularity of governmental dramatics like the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, it seems as though everyone will. Or they'll just stay home.

That said, we'll say it again: Everyone should have a passport.

Inspired by the U.S.'s recent move to make passports mandatory to enter the country regardless of citizenship, as well as a growing collective of Turista Libre regulars (self-declared citizens of a nomadic nation of south-of-the-border, stigma-defying fun), we present the Turista Libre pasaporte.

Standard passport size, 3 1/2" by 5", they feature the official Turista Libre logo and calafia seal screenprinted in silver on neon-orange cardstock, bound with neon-green stitching. Todo hecho a mano. Handmade goods, folks.

They're free with your ticket and good for a complimentary beer at all future Turista Libre tours (i.e. not this time, but next time). Two complimentary beers if it's your birthday month.

Upon your arrival at the official Turista Libre meeting spot just south of the San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing, our ever-friendly customs agents stamp it with a visa whose design pertains to the daytrip's theme. Waterpark, waves. Lucha libre, lucha libre mask. So not only is it a cerveza coupon, it functions as a pocket-size diary for Turista Libre recuerdos.

Want one? Send us your name, birthday, birthplace, nationality and a headshot (the more nontraditional, the more appropriate) at least a week before your scheduled romp around Tijuana with Turista Libre.

This is something we should have done long ago. Pero mejor ahora que nunca.


Baja Advisor said...

Excellent idea and a great keepsake for visitors.

chicacometa said...

yo quiero uno si se puede
para la proxima

te quiero porque haces el mundo un sitio mas bonito con solo existir